Laws of Canada and Quebec

In Quebec, there are two levels of government, the provincial and the federal level, following the Constitution Act of 1867. Generally speaking, civil matters (property, contracts, and civil liability) as well as municipalities, hospitals and education are under the authority of the government of the province of Quebec. On the other hand, the federal government may adopt laws on transportation (navigation, railways and aeronautics), criminal law, marriage and divorce, etc.

Furthermore, Canada’s law system is mixed. Indeed, private law, meaning the relationships between individuals, is governed by French-inspired civil law and is embodied within the Civil Code of Quebec. On the other hand, public law, meaning the relations between the State and an individual, is organized according to the principles of the common law, of English origins. Thus, Quebec lawyers are required to master both legal systems.

Many laws and regulations currently in force in Quebec have a direct impact on everyday life and the business world. For example, the Civil Code governs all contractual relationships and has various provisions on the environment, labor relations and corporate law.

Various legislative texts are made available by Lecours, Hébert Lawyers for your perusal. These texts have been selected based on their relevance for the business community. You may consult some extracts of these laws by clicking on their title below. To consult the integral text, please select the “PDF” format.

Disclaimer: The legislative texts offered herein do not constitute an official version and may not include the latest legislative amendments.

Laws of Quebec

Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of File_pdf
Administrative justice, An Act respecting File_pdf
Business Concerns Records Act File_pdf
Carrying out of the Entente between France and Québec respecting mutual aid in judicial matters, An Act to secure the File_pdf
Charter of human rights and freedoms File_pdf
Charter of the french language File_pdf
Civil Code of Quebec File_pdf
Class action, An Act respecting the File_pdf
Code of Civil procedure File_pdf
Companies Act File_pdf
Consumer Protection Act File_pdf
Criminal Code File_pdf
Deposit Act File_pdf
Development of manpower training, an Act to foster the File_pdf
Enterprise registrar, an Act respecting the File_pdf
Environment Quality Act File_pdf
Hours and days of admission to commercial establishments, an Act respecting File_pdf
Implementation of international trade agreements, an Act respecting the File_pdf
Implementation of the Agreement on Internal Trade, Act respecting the File_pdf
Industrial accidents and occupational diseases, an Act respecting File_pdf
Interpretation Act File_pdf
Jurors Act File_pdf
Labour Code File_pdf
Labour standards, an Act respecting File_pdf
Legal publicity of sole proprietorships, partnerships and legal persons, an Act respecting the File_pdf
Pay Equity Act File_pdf
Protection of personal information in the private sector, an Act respecting the File_pdf
Special powers of legal persons, an Act respecting the File_pdf
United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, an Act respecting the File_pdf
Winding-up Act File_pdf

Laws of Canada

Access to Information Act File_pdf
Agreement on Internal Trade Implementation Act File_pdf
Bank Act File_pdf
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act File_pdf
Bills of Exchange Act File_pdf
Bills of Lading Act File_pdf
Canada Business Corporations Act File_pdf
Canada-United Kingdom Civil and Commercial Judgments Convention Act File_pdf
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms File_pdf
Commercial Arbitration Act File_pdf
Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act File_pdf
Competition Act File_pdf
Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act File_pdf
Copyright Act File_pdf
Corporations Returns Act File_pdf
Employment Equity Act File_pdf
Employment Insurance Act File_pdf
Export Act File_pdf
Fair Wages and Hours of Labour Act File_pdf
Hazardous Products Act File_pdf
Interest Act File_pdf
International Sale of Goods Contracts Convention Act File_pdf
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act File_pdf
Privacy Act File_pdf
Trade-marks Act File_pdf
Winding-up and Restructuring Act File_pdf
World Trade Organization Agreement Implementation Act File_pdf