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Eurojuris International is an international association of independent law firms. Member firms are generally small and mid-sized. Founded in the late 80’s, the organization has grown to include over 650 law firms worldwide and is expanding to additional strategic locations.

Since it’s creation, Eurojuris International’s philosophy has remained unchanged. It is based on the conviction that it is necessary for lawyers to expand the boundaries of their legal practice and to improve the service to their clients. With the growth of international businesses, it is imperative for law firms to manage their clients’ needs on an international level. Each member of Eurojuris International focuses on its own specific fields in its jurisdiction. Through their membership with Eurojuris International, they are ensuring their clients’ needs on an international level.

Eurojuris International – A Network of Law Firms

Eurojuris International is an association of like-minded, independent, medium-sized law firms, located in different countries across the world. All of the Eurojuris International partners have a common international vocation under the Eurojuris International banner. Their objective is to give their respective clients the same comprehensive level of services, both locally and abroad.

When the need for an abroad intervention arises, a client can be referred to the lawyers of a corresponding Eurojuris International firm in the required jurisdiction, with complete confidence in the quality of their services. For Eurojuris International, it is of primary importance that a client may be able to have full confidence in the lawyers and in the firm handling the matter on his behalf.

Eurojuris International’s member law firms are hand-picked with this concern in mind. The first requirement of Eurojuris International’s expansion has been and will always be the highest level of professionalism in its partners.

Selection Criteria for Law Firms & Lawyers

Potential Eurojuris International law firms are chosen on the following principles:

  • Medium-sized law firms;
  • The capacity and willingness to supply the clients of every Eurojuris International partner with professional and personalized services;
  • A legal service at the international level (by cooperation with member law firms from different jurisdictions on a same case or by referring a file to a Eurojuris International partner in another jurisdiction or country);
  • The understanding that the contemporary practice of law and legal services must be international in scope.