Fields of practice

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Conflict is a fact of life, but disputes can be resolved.

Conflicts are an integral part of commercial relations. Our clients usually ask for our legal services after their continuous attempts to settle conflicts have failed. From that point, we try to implement a strategic approach in order to reach a satisfying settlement of the conflict.

The legal firm of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers manages conflicts and never leaves a problem unsolved. Our lawyers have the necessary skills and expertise to represent you in court. In any situation of conflict, our lawyers will take care of the possible negative impacts of a litigation on your business. With several years of practice before courts, the Lecours, Hébert Lawyers law firm is in a position to help you prevent and efficiently settle your conflicts.

There are, in fact, several ways to solve a litigation or conflict case: by arbitration, mediation or, traditionally, before a court of justice. When taking a case to court, our lawyers remain open to negotiation during all the litigation process.