Fields of practice

Legal Translation – Business Law


The expertise of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers allows our clients to push back the barriers of languages and offers services answering the needs of businesses striving to broaden their scope.


Over the years, the law firm of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers has developed its mastery of the English, French and Spanish languages. The office has been called upon to work with both local and foreign companies. Working beyond the borders, the firm has the necessary expertise to meet your needs in the field of legal translation.


Indeed, we consider that legal translation requires not only to master languages, but also to be familiar with the juridical system and its practices in which the contract produces its legal effects.


This mastery of both language and law is essential due to the precision required by legal translation. Compared to a common translation, the challenge of legal translation is to preserve the legal effectiveness that the translated contract must retain. This goal is attainable only if the translated text remains imbued with the signification of the initial legal discourse.


In some cases, it is a matter of translating a contract in another language within the same legal system. It is not a question of simply translating words and concepts and putting them one after the other. The firm’s approach is to translate, in the target language, the legal consequences of the contract, according to the initial will of the parties. Not betraying the authors’ intent is crucial. A deviation in the translation, even minimal, could lead to detrimental results.


In other cases, it is a matter of translating a contract while passing from one legal system to a second, foreign legal system. The expertise the firm has acquired allows Lecours, Hébert Lawyers to understand the aims of the contract, as well as the fundamental concepts of the target legal system. From this point, it becomes simple to translate the contract in accordance with the will of the parties in the contract, while adapting the legal concepts to the foreign legal system.


Furthermore, as members of Quebec Bar, the lawyers of the firm are subjected to the Code of ethics, the first rule being confidentiality. This duty is essential when sensitive information is transmitted.


Thus, both local and foreign businesses desiring to negotiate and to communicate with their international partners do not hesitate to entrust us with the drafting or translation of their legal documents. These businesses are aware that in legal matter, quality should not be subject to compromise.