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Trademark Agent in Canada – Mr. Alain P. Lecours

A trademark defines corporate identity.

In a world shaped by market globalization and dominated by communication technologies, a trademark becomes an asset of great value. It embodies the prestige and identity of a business. A trademark acts as a promotional vehicle for the business and thus becomes the guaranty of quality for its services and products.

In Canada, a trademark can gain de facto existence. Through simple use, a trademark can indeed attain a legal reality. Thus, a registered trademark could be challenged by the holder of a similar, anterior trademark, even if it had never been registered, on the ground of its de facto existence.

The law firm of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers remains on the look-out for new development in intellectual property law. Me Alain P. Lecours, attorney and trademark agent, conducts the research and analysis for a proposed trademark beyond a simple verification of the trademark registry, so as to insure the unique nature of your trademark and to protect your rights.

It is also important to protect your trademark against dilution and infringement. Alain P. Lecours offers this possibility and offers strategies in order to increase your trademark’s value. Through reports collected by the law firm, you can remain appraised at any time of your trademark’s status on the market. The services of Alain P. Lecours thus allow you to protect and optimize your trademark.

Alain P. Lecours can secure the registration and protection of a trademark beyond the Canadian borders. Through the agency of its corresponding partners abroad, the law firm of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers is able to offer you its services, internationally.

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