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Shareholders Agreements

Although its necessity is often disregarded, the shareholders’ agreement is a fundamental tool to govern relations between shareholders themselves and with the corporation. A carefully drafted shareholders’ agreement helps resolving and diminishing future conflicts between shareholders. A shareholders’ agreement typically institutes contractual mechanisms to:

  1. Insure continuity of shareholding proportionality between shareholders;
  2. Maintain the “closed” character of the corporation by preventing third parties from acquiring shares without the other shareholders’ consent;
  3. Protect the interests of minority shareholders;
  4. Provide rules for conflict resolution.

When the shareholders’ agreement is unanimous, it may also serve to limit the powers of the board of directors and put the control of the corporation more directly in the hands of the shareholders.
Due to the variety of tools available and to the widely different corporation structures,  an adequate shareholders’ agreement must be tailor-made for every particular group of shareholders. For the drafting or negociation of a shareholders’ agreement, the lawyers at Lecours, Hébert Lawyers place their legal and business acumen at your disposal to make sure that the results will fulfill your needs and those of your business.