Mrs. Rachel Maman, Student-at-law in Canada

Mrs. Rachel Maman holds a Master 2 in Commercial law at the University of Lyon II (France) in collaboration with the University of Montreal (Canada). She has also studied at the University of Belgrano (Argentina).

Mrs. Maman conducted an internship at the law firm of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers, where she had the chance to perfect her ability to adapt in different legal systems.
Mrs. Maman pursued her interest for the study of comparative legal systems (civil law and common law) through writing a dissertation about the Attractive Character of the French Law with the  “Doing Business” reports of the World Bank.

Her internship at the firm of Lecours, Hebert Lawyers was part of a positive step to implement the analyzed legal rules. Her international education was an appeal for her development in the commercial area and also for the firm.

Her success of her admission to the Bar of Paris (France) is an indicative of her determination, her will and her discipline. These three qualities, strongly appreciated by the law firm Lecours, Hébert Lawyers, will make her a brilliant lawyer.