Mrs. Marie-Ève Brassard, Lawyer in Montreal, Canada

Bar member since 2002, Mrs Brassard graduated at the Faculty of Law of the University of Montreal.

Mrs. Brassard started practicing at Me Lecours’ office in 2003, where she was considered by her colleagues as a very dynamic person. Her practice led her to conduct several business proceedings, like incorporating businesses, creating non-profit organizations, drafting shareholder agreements, negotiating, drafting non-competitive agreements, privacy policies and other types of business contracts, negotiating and drafting contracts leading to the acquisition and the selling of actions, and the liquidation and dissolution of companies and corporations.
Mrs. Brassard also appears in courts of law for civil and commercial proceedings.

Concerned about human rights around the world, Mrs. Marie-Ève Brassard is also a member of Amnesty International’s network of jurists.