Mrs. Chantal Paillé, Lawyer in Montreal, Canada

My professional career path began in 2000 with a law internship with Lecours, Hébert Lawyers. I then worked in this law firm for three years. Throughout these years, I acquired knowledge and experience in two fields of law that would later define my career as a lawyer.

Indeed, my work as part of Lecours, Hébert Lawyers allowed me to develop a passion for business law and real estate law. It is toward that latter field that I oriented my career in 2003 by working for SNC-Lavalin. In this major Quebec corporation, I was able to exercise my abilities in the field of real estate law as a commercial leases manager for clients with very important real estate portfolios.

Afterwards, my growing interest for business law led me to GE Capital Solutions, in the commercial financing division. I have been working there for nearly three years and I love what I do. I am in charge of complex, multi-million dollar case files in which I take legal decisions. Recently, I have become in charge of a small team of lawyers. It is thanks to Lecours, Hébert Lawyers and the place that Me Lecours allowed me to take in his firm that today, I work in a field of law for which I am passionate about.