Fields of practice

Mediation and Negotiation

You don’t have to go to court to resolve a conflict.

To reduce the high costs, lengthy delays, and negative publicity that can sometimes be associated with long drawn-out court battles, Lecours, Hébert Lawyers recommends more innovative ways to settle – and even prevent – disputes.

One of those methods is arbitration. This involves creating a private tribunal composed of one or more impartial arbitrators chosen by the parties involved. The arbitrator, selected largely on the basis of his or her knowledge of the issue, can resolve the dispute much faster than can a court of law, and the decision is binding.

Another effective method is mediation. This requires the cooperation of the parties in finding a solution that is acceptable to both. Faster and less costly than arbitration, mediation brings the two sides together to settle their differences, with or without their lawyers. A mediator respectful of both points of view helps the parties to find a mutually acceptable middle ground, but they are both free to end the procedure at any time if they should be dissatisfied with the process.

Me Alain P. Lecours has expertise as a mediator and arbitrator.

Mr. Alain P. Lecours is accredited by the Province of Quebec Bar as a mediator, in both commercial and civil matters.

Alain P. Lecours is able to lead a mediation or arbitration in an international context, as he is fluent in French, English and Spanish.